Dr Muck’s Blog 26th Nov 2009

Cor blimey guv’nor! Worra week it’s been in the Muck FM studios. Apart from alternating between cockney and scouse accents for some unknown reason, my medication seems to be working just fine, which is just as well, because this week saw the first of the guided Muck FM studio tours -only £15 (two for £25) and £5 for children. Girls between the ages of 17 and 22 gain admission for free, as well as a rare (too fucking rare) opportunity for a tour of the studio inner sanctum, including the Muck boudoir, the geisha changing room (application forms available) and access to exclusive video footage of the Muck FM DJ initiation blooper video tapes. I even throw in my Dennis Norden impression for nothing.

There are also things afoot in Muckworld. New DJs are just around the corner, and I am proud to be able to release the name of our new recruit, Sub Bass, who will be unveiled in the next week or two. Expect a heady mix of old skool classics, and his very own techno style. I can’t wait and am sure he’s quickly going to become a Muck FM favourite. He is currently undergoing the final stages of the Muck induction course and should pass out at the end of the week. Or later tonight… the last I saw him, he was looking rather intoxicated. Good boy.

There are also some exciting developments in the pipeline, of which more in the coming weeks. All I can say is expect more DJs, more variety of music, and much more of the tongue in cheek muckiness that you have come to know and love/like/meh, it’s ok I s’pose/eugh what am I doing here*

*delete as appropriate

In the meantime, this weekend sees MC Check making the long arduous journey along the south coast (hour and a half if the traffic through Worthing isn’t too bad) for another old skool session live on air. In fact we have only just finished cleaning up after his last visit. Luckily the beer puddle which accumulated in the shag pile over the course of the fireworks night show is still pretty moist, and was a lifesaver the other night when I ran out of booze. It was a little embarrassing for me to look up while on my hands and knees sucking the carpet to find Mrs Muck in her curlers, hands on hips, less than amused. Still, nothing she hasn’t seen before.


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