Dr Muck’s Blog 24th October 2009

Had a revelation tonight. Not that new milk chocolate selection tin from Cadbury’s, but a deep and profound moment. Which, if you’re pedantic, and I am, actually mean exactly the same thing.

Anyway, it happened just earlier, between the local weather with that foxy Asian woman who looks like an Egyptian goddess and the lottery results, this week presided over by Nadine Bagot I believe. Mrs Muck had left the room for a moment and then for a moment I saw it all. Not exactly my life flashing in front of my eyes,  but more it dragging itself across my field of vision like a dog with an itchy arse.

“The only person you can rely on is yourself”

It repeated itself over and over in my mind, like a mantra. Too many people spend too much of their lives doing things for other people, and not being appreciated. Its “me time” and that means concentrating on the music and sharing it with the world. It’s not always easy juggling a hectic social life with marital commitments (oo er),  while at the same time trying to publicise Muck FM -and also hold down a two bottle a day habit. That’s medical grade bottles of laughing gas of course. You can spread yourself too thin. Which reminds me of the work experience girl I had under me that time, who had announced her name as “Heidi, but you can call me Flora.” When asked why she told me it’s because she spreads easily. And she did. True story.

Um, er, so where was I? Oh yes, in summary- au summaire, as they say in France- it’s time to get bang on it. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Life’s too short to not enjoy it.  Fancy a cheeky one? It’s only 4am after all. I knew I could rely on me.


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