Dr Muck’s Blog 13th Dec 2009

Eugh….. my head is pounding, my mouth tastes like a camel’s jock strap (don’t ask, strange things go on late at night at Uncle Jamal’s), my ears are ringing and I am still slightly unsteady on my feet. But that’s how I feel every morning, and it is just a coincidence that I just happen to be recovering from another legendary Muck FM after show party.

And what a show it was. We pulled in our record listener numbers last night, and I would like to say a big Mucky thank you from all the crew to everyone who tuned in. If you have heard any of our shows (and if not, why not?!) you will know that our audience participation is what makes them so much fun. The shoutbox and hotline were on fire last night and Muck FM is quickly becoming a virtual meeting place for discerning ladies and gentlemen who appreciate fine music and lots of mucky banter. New friendships have been forged (along with a few cheques no doubt) and the shows are getting bigger and better every week.

After the show, as soon as the “off air” light came on, myself and Mrs Muck were whisked away in one of the Muck limos (MC Check’s nan came and picked us up in her Hummer) and off to the salubrious setting of the Palace, home of the Queen. Well, duh, obviously.

The after party didn’t disappoint, as always, and the tales of debauchery and sleaziness just aren’t suitable for a family blog. But I am prepared to offer re-enactments to any young ladies who offer the redeemable voucher * that was distributed to all colleges and universities in the Tri- State area. I don’t actually know where that is, but it sounded better than telling you I walked round Worthing for a few hours last week.

* Voucher not necessary for 17-22 year olds, just present yourself at the Muck FM gates.

The Queen was once again the perfect host, and even the appearance in the Palace courtyard of Mo Leicester, the fallen court jester, did nothing to dampen the spirits. You may recall the sorry stories in the press that Mo has never really recovered from, but even though his jesting days are over now, he earns a good living as a magician at childrens’ parties and no one has managed to find out his new home address to date. The Muck bouncers swiftly ejected him from the party, and to all and sundry present, it was like it never happened.

The only real sour note to the evening (apart from Fil gatecrashing again) was the news that Air Scotland have gone into receivership and the Tartan contingent, led by Ms Hoppy failed to arrive. Myself and the Queen were waiting at Gatwick for half the night with a little sign on a stick waiting for them, but we now believe that they were routed via Ulan Bator, which is the nearest Ryanair airport to London. Fingers crossed that they will arrive in time for next weekend, when MC Check and Sub-Bass (making his Muck FM debut) will be in the studio. If you’re reading this Ms Hoppy, Mrs Muck says can you pick up some fermented yak’s cheese for her, she is clean out. Camel cheese just isn’t suitable for cheesecakes, as you all know.

Well, I’m off to shave my tongue (clippers on it first to get the worst off) and prepare for the Sunday Roast show at 4pm. A good old skool chill out session is just what the Doctor ordered!


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