MC Check

MC Check spent the majority of the ’90s living in a wonderland of happy hardcore mentalism, on a weekly diet of glowsticks and ‘wizzy water’. When he wasn’t crawling around on the dancefloor of Club Labyrinth, he could normally be found wibbling in his bedroom, weakly clutching a carton of Ribena whilst phoning up pirate radio stations to request shouts out (to himself). These days he lives in the less Utopian location of Portsmouth, where he enjoys basket weaving and old reruns of Blind Date.


Little known fact- If you place a candle on each shoulder and say his name 5 times whilst facing a mirror, he will appear behind you- doing the running man, wearing a pair of white gloves and a dust mask. Be warned though, he will then follow you around all night asking “where you from and what are you on…?”


He refutes suggestions that he is a 14 year old rent boy, but nothing would surprise us, as he is reputed to be both a Millwall fan and a member of Portsmouth’s 6.57 crew. How does he fit it all in? As his punters always wonder….


One thing is sure though, his storming shows with Doctor Muck are already legendary, and he is already being poached by other internet radio stations. That isn’t a euphemism, but with his reputation nothing would surprise us. Luckily, he is tied to Muck FM by a golden handcuffs agreement. Just like he’s got with his punters then…


Seriously though, he is da man on da mic, and if you haven’t heard him, then “Check” out the show on Saturday 20th February, or any of the Old Skool Madness shows on the Red Eye Player. Whackety whack!





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