Old Skool Madness- Bonus Show! 20th February 2010

Late in the evening of Saturday 20th February, well past the witching hour, MC Check and Doctor Muck (“Chuck”) got back on the mic and the decks for a bonus Old Skool Madness show. It’s an hour and a half of the muckiest old skool 1991 hardcore anthems, and the hardcore who were still tuned in at the end seemed to love every minute of it- the chatbox didn’t slow down all night! It was very, very messy in the studio by this time so all disclaimers apply- the Muck FM panel of censors have classified it as an “M” rating. Mucky content, top tunes, irreverent asides and some light rambling, with adult humour and possible references to “party enhancers”. Please see the Muck FM Disclaimer for more details. 18+ only please.

[media id=72]
Download Old Skool Madness Bonus Show 20th February 2010

To download this mix, right click on the link above and choose “Save target as / Save link as”. The download should commence shortly after wards.



1 thought on “Old Skool Madness- Bonus Show! 20th February 2010

  1. exotictechnicalboy says:

    What a beautiful mix to wake up to, got me dancing around the living room.
    Not sure what on earth MC Check is rambling on about, fairly sure he has no idea either! Comedy genius!

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