Dr Muck’s Blog 23rd Feb 2010

Well, I am just about recovered from the hangover, but the high is going to last for sometime. What a fantastic weekend! Everyone in the studio is still buzzing- and I don’t mean because of that cheeky little pick-me-up with our coffee this morning.

If you were there on Saturday, you will know just how kicking the atmosphere was in the chatbox as the tunes pumped out. But I’m gonna take you behind the scenes in the Brighton studio, and give you a little taste of what it was like here as the evening progressed. I won’t lie, it’s also partly to try and piece together the few bits I can remember…





It was grey and damp that morning when Mrs Muck pulled back the curtains. No, that’s not a euphemism for fuck’s sake. Can I get on with the story please?

Right where was I? Ah yes, setting the scene…


Later that day:

All drinks had been bought, the Professor had been over and dropped off some of his latest batch of party pills,  which he has called “toyotas”. They are like mitsubishis, but not as reliable, and the crash in the morning is pretty horrific. As I am about to tell you, by the morning me and MC Check probably did resemble road kill, so believe me, next time I’m going to avoid toyotas and make sure I buy a Merc -which sounds a little like how Inspector Clouseau may say my name. Hmmm…

I digress, so before the digression turns to rambling, let’s crack on.


MC Check pulled up outside the studio in his nan’s hummer at about 2pm, and within minutes of arriving was pretty pissed. If you had seen him gulp down the first couple of pints you would have thought that you were looking at the bastard lovechild of Barney Gumble from the Simpsons and Thirsty McThirsterson (also known as the human raisin), the first person to cross the Sahara without water, at the moment he arrived at the finishing line in Rabat, roughly two and a half months since his last drink. 


By the time our show was imminent, both of us were a little nervous actually. Mrs Muck thought it was rather funny to see us pacing around. She told us to relax- the show will go fine! I didn’t have the heart to tell her that me and Check were like that because we actually can’t stand each other. It’s a working relationship only you see. Trouble is though, it doesn’t seem to be working.

I love him really, but I need to get some kind of revenge on the young whippersnapper, as throughout the evening I was cussed mercilessly. I should have known there would be trouble when he went into the geisha girl’s room and came out with Stella. Luckily Mandy knows how to calm the pubescent little firestarter down, and when she led him away later on the aggression disappeared. Me? I was with Fifi all night of course…

For the record, I would like to state that whilst mixing I do sweat a little, but not in any way or manner that Gary Glitter may if he found himself in a playground. Additionally I do not, and never have worn a toga, and am not bisexual! I think MC Check must have been thinking of Handy’s last party- and if the rumours are to be believed about it, Check’s quip about the streets of Brighton being paved with semen are all too true. Apparently the theme of Handy’s next party is “Roman Orgy at the Sodom Bath House”. It just doesn’t bear thinking about. Still, agony aunts as good as him are all too rare these days, so we let him do what he wants, as long as he stays out of jail.


Seriously though, me and Check really enjoyed the show, and once we were on, all the adrenaline was pumped into the music. I had a wobbly moment about half hour in, when I lost the CD containing the next tune I wanted to play. I then lost my notes and also the record that I had lined up as a replacement. I can’t deny it, I stacked it completely for a moment, and I stood there like I had been freshly lobotomised. Check had too slap me up a little to bring me back into the room. Any excuse. The last record was playing out it’s final bars and silence was beckoning. Aaaaaargh. I mananged to sort it out in the nick of time, but it was a close thing. Come to think of it, that was just around the time that I would have been coming up on that toyota…

After we handed over to JP for his wicked debut show, me and Check got partying hard with the geishas. Put it this way, by the time we went back on for our second spontaneous show, we were both a little worse for wear. Check managed to spill beer on the carpet (yet again) and throughout the rest of the evening he variously extolled the virtues of water polo, swimming pool volleyball, and painting your face like a clown. Good boy, it was a stunning performance that Barry himself would have been proud of. The Muck FM afterparties are already renowned for their own unique brand of messiness, and this one was no different.


We just loved the atmosphere in the chatbox (Club Muck) over the weekend. It was absolutely buzzing and you lot certainly love your music, and know how to make us laugh. Anyone stumbling on Muck FM by chance  and seeing some of the conversations in the chatbox would really have thought that the lunatics have not only escaped from the asylum, but congregated later online to complete their trip into insanity together. As Ecaked would say- “bang zoom take me to the moon!”


Check eventually stumbled off home around mid-morning, and the party continued here until I had to fulfill my own trip to Barry Island on Sunday evening. I ended up missing most of JP’s show, but the good old Red Eye Player meant I heard it on Monday. Phew!

It was a fantastic weekend, and I would personally like to thank all the Muck team, which includes everyone who tunes in, for making it such a success and so much fun. We’re glad that you’re enjoying it all as much as us, and we just can’t wait for each weekend to come around again. There are more developments in the pipeline, and guest DJs lined up in the very near future, so make sure you check back regularly to see all the latest news. And don’t forget to say hi in the chatbox when you visit!








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