Truly Scrumpytious





I know what you’re thinking. Pammy’s really let herself go recently. But you’d be wrong. This photo was taken at a typical evening in an ordinary west country home. You see it doesn’t take much scrumpy for things to descend into cross dressing chaos, and as television hasn’t yet arrived in these parts, the locals have to make their own entertainment of an evening. When they’re not gathered around the piano for a good ol’ fashioned sing song, they like to dress up in glamourous clothes and dream of life in the big city.

We’re all now starting to get a clearer idea of our very own Ray Von, who becomes the first person to appear twice in Barry’s Gallery after submitting this photo of himself shamelessly parading his talents and dance moves, whilst wearing cast offs from the original Fame series.

It’s a heady combination of leather basque, pink sweatband, ra-ra skirt and b-boy trainers. We appreciate your efforts Ray, but maybe this is just a little tutu far? I think we’re going to have to call in MC Check, Muck FM’s very own Gok Wan to sort this lad out. Although having said that, I’ve woken up next to worse after a few scrumpys myself, so maybe it’s not Ray that needs help…




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