Exotic Technical Boy

Muck FM’s very own technical wizard. Without him, all that you see before you would not be possible. He single handedly built this site, and is always at hand if we have any glitches or gremlins in the works.

He lives in deepest, darkest Indonesia, for tax purposes, and also to feed his kupu addiction. Also, it benefits us having a call centre outside the UK. We only pay him 25p a day, but before you call social services, we should inform you that for this amount he can live like a king out there. Well, a prince. Oh ok, the next best thing- a pauper. In times of recession, he should just be bloody grateful he’s got a job!

In short, Muck FM would not exist if it wasn’t for this mild mannered, knowledgable young man, and although he has been lying low recently, we feel we must add him to the Muck Crew listings as the unsung hero who has made all our mucky fun possible. Reeespeck!

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