The Rat Pack

RatPack live PA @ The Edge, 1993

The Rat-Pack= Evenson Allen (MC) and Lipmaster Mark (DJ).

Back in the day before the scene splintered into sub genres, RatPack could be found on pretty much every rave flyer going, gracing the same stages as Carl Cox, Nicky BM, Danny Rampling, Slipmatt, Judge Jules and DJ Ratty to name but a few.

They met through friends and have worked together for nearly 21 years. They’ve been in the game for over 2 decades, which is why they are considered to be the kings of old skool.

Raving Im Raving- RatPack

It all began when Evenson Allen, front man for ‘The Pack’, had his own dance school – basically teaching street kids to get involved in something constructive. The attendance reached an all-time high, so Evenson decided to stage his own raves – some of you may remember Trip City and The Munday Club. Such clubs were a great influence on many and, for Everson, a stepping stone to greater things.

Captain of the Ship

RatPack- Looking Through My Window

They have been instrumental in the development of dance music since the late eighties. They were the first DJ and MC duo on the rave scene, and were pioneers of the “OldSkool” concept and “NuSkool” breaks.

The “longest-running DJ and MC team” still play frequently at old skool hardcore nights across the UK.

Their 1992 classic Searchin’ For My Rizla (Big Giant Records) topped the UK dance music charts and since then, they have even been on the books of industry big boys BMG, Sony and EMI.

Many artists come and go and success is a notoriously difficult thing to sustain. However, history shows that those with NRG, drive and heart always come through – and the boys have these qualities to ensure that they’ll be around for many more years to come….

Rat Pack- We salute you!


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