Dr Muck’s Blog 11th Nov 2009

Well, phew, what a week it’s been. I’m only just coming down from it all now. A seven dayer. Not bad by any standards…

It all started with the Halloween spooktacular. It was an amazing show that covered genres from trance and hard house to breaks. We had record listener figures and great interaction on both the shoutbox and on the Muck FM hotline. It all got a little messy in the studio with some of the Muck Fm crew pulling very scary faces indeed. No masks needed here, and if ever an argument was needed against the much requested Muckcam, then this was proof that some faces are ideally suited to radio!

There seemed barely a moment to catch breath before the long awaited Fireworks Night Old Skool Madness show, with MC Check joining myself in the studio for an evening of jungle tunes. A real trip down memory lane. Or should it be a safari? Whatever, it really was a mad evening and such a success that it is already going to be a regular show in the coming weeks and months. Don’t forget, if you missed it you can catch it again at any time on the Red Eye Player. Being the professionals we are, both myself and MC Check (not to be confused with McCheck, the bagpipe playing nutter next door) waited until after the show to get the festivities started. Balloons and jellies, ahem, I mean jelly, were just some of the party offerings in the studio, and the celebrations continued into the small hours. The highlight had to be the environmental health people turning up after complaints about the noise, but then being seen shortly afterwards being led into one of the boudoirs by a couple of the Muck FM geisha girls. Suffice to say, no complaints were upheld. Except by the cleaners in the morning. That’ll need a hot wash love.

Things are a moving here at Muck FM. Please be assured that despite this week not having any live shows, we are working hard behind the scenes to make sure that in the coming weeks and months there will be as much air time filled as possible. We are currently recruiting new DJs (if you’d like to play on air then please get in touch here) and have a couple of applicants in the middle of the gruelling selection process as I speak. Don’t forget, if you do get past the application form stage, you will need to provide your own two foot length of hosepipe, one filleted herring, and an industrial sized tub of Swarfega (the one with those kinky little beads in). If you play dance music, then get in touch. If we like your style, then you could, just could, end up playing regularly and become one of the Muck FM crew!

We are still a brand new station, and all of us here appreciate your continued support. Our success so far has taken us all by surprise, and if anything it’s happened too quickly! It should’ve been obvious really- there are a lot of mucky people out there who love good love music, and who like us, don’t take life too seriously. So keep checking back for our next shows, and don’t forget to tell your friends about us. Spread the word… spread the Muck!


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