Dr Muck’s Barbados Blog 15th July 2010


15th July 1030h BST:

Greetings from sunny…. departure lounge at Gatwick! Our flight is delayed by three hours, but sitting here eating a cooked breakfast, drinking coffee and browsing the passing clunge is still infinitely better than being at work.

I’m hoping to keep this blog updated over the next three weeks, but that’s entirely dependent on me not being in a rum induced stupour, or suffering the effects of sun stroke. If you don’t hear from me, I’m either having a ball, or I’m in casualty having my stomach pumped or having my burn riddled limbs swathed in plastic bags to catch the oozing fluid. I’m beige, so the latter shouldn’t be a problem…

Along with my mankini and leopard skin Speedos, my suitcase is also bulging with Muck FM flyers, and CDs of my Mandy mix, and of course the Barbados one too. Oh yeah, if you thought that I was trekking across the Atlantic just to laze on a beach for three weeks, you’d be right. But I will also be spending time networking, promoting Muck FM, and trying to acquaint myself with as many of the dusky local girls as possible!

Well, I’d love to ramble a little bit more, but there’s heavy drinking to be done in the duty free bar, and three hours doesn’t give me much time to get wasted, so I’ll sign off for now and try to keep you updated over the next few weeks. Bang zoom take me to the Caribbean poon!

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