Doctor Muck’s Trip

Doctor Muck with a five hour deep and progressive journey through house music, with a few twists and turns on the way. No talking at all on the mic, so close your eyes, double drop and let Doctor Muck take you on a trip…





1) Once Upon A Scouse/Red Pill Blue Pill Intro

2) Jean Michel Jarre- Oxygene part 2 

3) BT- Firewater

4) Enigma- Mea Culpa Part 2 (Orthodox Mix)

5) Evren Furtuna- I Miss You 

6) FC Kahuna- Hayling

7) Darwin & Backwall- Good Morning Stockholm

8) Joe T Vanelli- Private House

9) Farren Amani- Angel (Jojo Da Silva mix)

10) Joe T Vanelli- Prelude (Scalambrin & Sicily Pleasure remix)

11) Eric Entrena- Here Comes That Sound (Julian Poker remix)

12) Glender- Kabuki

13) Glender- Voices From The Desert

14) Red Buddha- Veena Bhangra

15) Jean Michel Jarre- Oxygene 7 (DJ Cam remix)

16) DJ Shadow- Six Days

17) Parents Who Use Drugs

18) Petar Dundov- Distant Shores

19) Trentemoller- Moan

20) Renegade Soundwave- The Phantom

21) Leftfield- Not Forgotten

22) Jesus Loves You- Generations Of Love

23) The Queen of Hearts

24) Group Therapy- My Own Worst Enemy

25) Gabriel Batz, Jared Kesler- Depth Perception

26) Kelso- Distant Fragment

27) Francesco Farfa- Founding Magdalen (Joy Kitikonti remix)

28) Ray Costa- Nebula (Joy Kitikonti remix)

29) Kam Project, DJ Heckstyler- Confusion (Joy Kitikonti remix)

30) DJ Coxy, Jojo Da Silva- To Japan

31) Jolyon Petch- Wrong

32) Komytea- Professional Killers (Jerome Isma- Ae remix)

33) Joy Kitikonti, Scalambrin, Sicily Pleasure- Voyager

34) Jerome Isma- Ae- Hold That Sucker Down

35) Mario Scalambrin, Sicily Pleasure- Soundscape

36) Scalambrin & Sicily- A Good Race

37) Scalambrin & Sicily- Flashback

38) Lula, Papa Joe- Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Scalambrin & Sicily remix)

39) Eric Entrena- Addicted (Scalambrin & Sicily remix)

40) Energy 52- Cafe del Mar (Three In One remix)

41) Jam & Spoon- Odyssey To Anyoona

42) John  00 Fleming- Oxygene (Anton Chernikov remix)

43) Age Of Love- Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella remix)

44) Jam & Spoon- Two Spies In The House Of Love

45) Stage One- Space Manoeuvres

46) Way Out West- Apollo

47) BT- Memories In A Sea Of Forgetfulness

48) Skanna- Heaven EP

49) UNKLE- In A State

50)  Renegade Soundwave- Ozone Breakdown Intro

51) Babe Ruth- The Mexican

52) Steffan Eggar- Cosmic Tora

53) Fort Knox Five- Bhangra Paanch

54) Steffan Eggar- Cosmic Aya

55) One Tribe- What Have You Done (Club mix)

56) Beloved- Sun Rising

57) Innocence- Natural Thing

58) Energy 52- Cafe del Mar (Michael Woods remix)

59) Goodnight Jim Bob



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