Why The Long Face?

Why The Long Face?

This photo was taken in the village of Porton Down, where the Ministry Of Defence’s top secret chemical and biological research centre is based. Sights like these aren’t rare, and the villagers are used to seeing the strangest people wandering around aimlessly at all times of the day and night. Nothing to do with the research centre- Porton Down also boasts the highest number of pubs in a village in the British Isles (362), and also a surprisingly high number of drug dealers, offering the strangest and newest research chemicals to the local youths.

This photo is of the newest member of the Muck FM crew, Ray Von, who is pictured here leaving the village pub (well, one of them), minutes after encountering a shady man who offered him a brand new drug, called ketaming. As you can see, it turned him into a centaur, and you can can see the look of horror on the face of poor Ray’s girlfriend.

She didn’t seem to mind so much once they got home and undressed for bed though…






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