Mucky Pink Pyjamas


Mucky Pink Pyjamas



If you didn’t realise how high muckiness extends, then here is proof that no matter whether you are a lowly servant, or head of the land herself, Muck FM crosses the divide and gets people feeling mucky!


This is the Queen herself, modelling her royal pink pyjamas while professing her love of muckiness. Well done Your Majesty, and we are very proud to have you hanging on our wall. Not literally of course, that would be treasonous.


She is setting the trend as always, and has asked her subjects to send in their own photos of their pyjamas, pink or not. We also want to see your love of Muck by sending in pictures of your graffiti with our name on, whether it is on a bit a paper, a part of your body (especially this), or aerosoled on a wall down the high street- if we get any real grafitti we will send you a prize! Of course we’re not recommending you break the law- please see the Muck FM Disclaimer, but go on do it, you know you want to. Mwah ha ha ha!



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