This page is dedicated to our good friend, and Muck FM DJ Grim, who sadly passed away in April. He was a true gentleman, a fantastic DJ, and a lovely all round guy with a fantastic sense of humour. Our condolences go out to his family and we are all thinking of him here at Muck FM.
In his time here at Muck FM Grim showed us all what a skilled, versatile DJ he was, a total natural. His unique style of old skool house and garage was universally loved, and he will be especially remembered for his piano and vocal anthems, as well as his epic sets stretching late into the night. His mixing was tight and seamless, and his musical knowledge second to none. He was an experienced and accomplished DJ who took to mixing again after 15 years away (on equipment and software totally new to him) like a duck returning to the water. It was as if he had never been away. He brought a fantastic vibe to Muck FM, and I know he loved playing here. He had always been a DJ at heart and was thrilled to get the chance to play to people again.
Everyone who met Grim was touched by what a lovely, gentle guy he was. A gentleman in the truest sense of word. He was an old skool hippy who only ever saw the good in everyone and hated conflict. Without a doubt one of the most honest, genuine people we’ve ever met, whose intelligence shone through in his spoken words and those he posted online. He battled his demons for a long time, and we are so sorry that he finally succumbed to them. We hope that he has now found the peace that he couldn’t find in life.


 You’ll be sorely missed Grimmo. Rest in peace mate.

Doctor Muck


Grimmo the star



The Doc and Grimmo


Grim, Queen, Javvy, Ecaked and MC Check


Ecaked, MC Check, Javvy, Street Ferrera, Doctor Muck, Queen, Mrs Muck and Grim


The Queen and Grim- “Quim”


Grimtastic himself















32 thoughts on “Grim

  1. Doctor Muck says:

    This is a message that Bryony, Grim’s daughter posted on our chatbox:

    Hi, Mike’s daughter here. Thank you so much for your lovely tribute page and your kind words. It’s so lovely to know he had such good friends on here. He loved to make people happy with his music. Will of course let you lot know about funeral arrangements as we would be honoured to meet some of you.

  2. stubbs says:

    Grim was one of the guys to introduce me to Muck FM and to encourage me to get back into DJing, I’ll miss him and his tunes and my thoughts are with his family and friends.

    He was a good lad

    Rest in peace and rave on.

    Paul (stubbs)

  3. Nic Wilson says:

    You were just an all round awesome dude, Grim. You’ll be missed you sexy motherfucker RIP xxx

  4. MC Check says:

    Grim will never be forgotten here at Muck FM. From an original listener to a regular DJ, he was an integral person here and will be sadly missed. Grim used to refer to himself as an “old skool hippy”; Ive not met many old skool hippies in my time, but if they’re characteristically easy-going, gentle, emphatic and friendly, then I can say for definate that I have known and partied with one that matches that description perfectly.

    RIP mate, shine on.

    MC Check aka Telespastic

  5. jp says:

    Rest in peace grim,you will be always in my thoughts,i wish i had met you ,but you always made me feel welcome on muckfm,you where a true gentleman,

  6. Hooker Barbie says:

    a sad day indeed….Grim was one of the first people I met in the club here and made me feel so welcome….such a wicked sense of humour….and so kind 🙂 He will never be forgotten, he touched so many of us (and you know how I mean that!) an absolute star, who is now shining down on all of us.
    Bryony, our thoughts are with you and your family.

    and a wee tune for Grim too:

    big huge love to Mike, his family and all of you


  7. Doctor Muck says:

    Copied from the chatbox:

    Hi, Mike’s big brother Kev here I would just like to say the same as Bryony thank you so much for the page, Mike was so proud of djing on Muckfm, thank you for all the nice things you have all said about Mike

  8. Doctor Muck says:

    Copied from the chatbox:

    Dave: hi,mikes younger brother here,he was a great big brother.when were kids i just loved his choice of music,his amazed about your tributes,mike will be greatly missed by us all in the grim family

  9. Bryony says:

    It’s really lovely reading all your comments and the sweet things you have to say about my dad. You lot really meant a lot to him. I keep nearly wanting to ring him and tell him all about him and let him know how loved he is. Thanks again, guys.

    Bryony x

  10. Funkfreak says:

    Thank you for the tunes dude, you made me feel very welcome at Muck. Rest in Peace but keep the volume very loud….

  11. headfuzz says:

    RIP fella. Thoughts are with you, your family and friends at this time from all at Festival Weather x

  12. Liz says:

    I am really moved by all the tributes to Mike or Grim as you knew him. It is a great comfort for me and Bry to know that he was loved and his talent for DJ’ing enjoyed. We had our differences but he was my best friend for 24 years. You’ve gone to the good place Grim and may you rest in peace and mix it up with the angels. Love from Liz ( Mrs Grim )

  13. Ray_Von says:

    Sad, sad news.

    Muck FM won’t be the same without him.

    My thoughts go out to all his family.

    Rest in Peace Grim.

    Big Love. x

  14. Javvy says:

    Dear Bryony
    Would just like to say that your Dad always spoke so lovingly about you and said how he was very very proud of you. I am truely sorry to hear about his passing.

    RIP Pupa Grim
    you will be sadly missed.
    Much Love

  15. Bryony says:

    Thanks, Javvy, that’s really nice to hear. I’m going to the interview to get on a nursing degree course later on today so I’m determind to focus my mind on it and make him proud.

    Mike always showed complete distaste towards organised religion, so I think he will be very pleased that Good Friday is now ‘Grim Friday’ on here.


  16. Javvy says:

    Dear Bryony
    Your dad told me you were applying for a nursing degree when we met at Dr Muck’s brithday last year. Wishing you the best of luck today!!. Im sure your dad will be very proud!.

  17. Prue says:

    One of the most gentle and courageous people I have ever met who climbed his own personal mount Everest every day. Thoughts with all Mike’s familyx

  18. Queen says:

    Thankyou for all the giggles and chats about nonsense back in the early Muck FM days. I’ll never forget our picnic on the dancefloor and being one half of Quim.
    My heart goes out to Bryony and the rest of your family.
    With love, Queen x

    RIP Lord Grim of Cheese

    Love from Queen xxx

  19. Scul says:

    I only ever met Mike once whilst having a bloody good time. And thats how i’ll remember him. A mellow fellow with no pretence. He was one Pukka Sound Sweet bloke.
    See you on the other side Grim (where ever that might be !)

  20. Gary says:

    Sounds like you made a lot of people very happy mate, hope you have found peace now, So glad to have known you, my thoughts are with you Kev, Dave, Liz and Bryony,
    Gary( Grims stepbrother)

  21. exotictechnicalboy says:

    You are definitely one of the most gently spoken people I’ve met, when I had the pleasure of a soiree with you at Muck FM HQ on my flying visit from Indonesia.

    As the Muck FM nerd, doing all the technical stuff in my exotic hut in Indonesia, it was great to see you pay so much attention to the site. It is without a doubt that your comments helped make it look as it does and brought the sense of community that we can all see today.

    Your mixes will always remain a huge part of Muck FM. However, equally important to me is the care that you put into the site. This will remain in the code that keeps Muck FM running into the future.

    A final thanks for this beauty of a set – 33 minutes in fills my day with sparkle.

    Big giant hugs to all of Grim’s family,

  22. Liz says:

    Hi guys, Bryony and I are after a favour. We wondered if it would be possible to get a CD with about four minutes of samples of Grim’s music to play at his send-off, we want something special as a tribute to him. I know it’s a lot to ask but it would mean so much to me, Bry, Kevin and Jane, we want to make his ceremony something personal. Cheers in advance if you can help. We really would love it if as many of you as possible could come along, no dates yet but we’ll keep you posted. Love from Liz and Bryony xx

  23. Doctor Muck says:

    Hi Liz. That won’t be a problem at all. I will speak the crew and we will find four minutes that epitomise Grim. I’ll be in touch via e mail 🙂

  24. Liz says:

    Thank-you so much Dr Muck, you are a stand-up geezer as Grim always told me! I assume you have my e-mail from these posts. Just an idea, if anyone wants to make a small donation in Grim’s name we think the charity MIND would be appropriate, they gave Grim a lot of support. For those attending his life celebration we ask that they bring one poppy – fake if necessary – for peace as Grim was the most peaceful man ever born, as you all knew. Cheers again from Liz and Bry x

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