Dr Muck’s Blog 21st December 2009

Well, they say that it’s the shortest day of the year today. Because it is. Unless you live directly on the equator or in the southern hemisphere. Obviously.

But that means that we are in a period of the year where the nights are longest, and that certainly was the case this weekend just gone. If you tuned into the shows, you will know that they were our most fun to date, and on Saturday we stayed on air a spontaneous extra two hours because we, and you, were having so much fun. Sub-Bass made his debut and I think I speak for all of us to say he banged it and blew us all away with his choice of uplifting tunes and wicked mixing. If you missed it, you can hear it again on our Red Eye Player- and check the schedule pages for Sub-Bass’s next shows- and all the others.

MC Check also came up to the studio, and it was the best Old Skool Madness show to date, judging by the response in the shoutbox and on the phonelines. This was also the case for all of the shows this weekend, and I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in Muck FM up till now. And that includes the listeners. It’s your interaction and the atmosphere you create in the shoutbox that has made our shows so much fun, and a nice place to hang out. We are thrilled that already the music is only a part of what Muck FM is about. It is starting to feel like a communiity, something that is bringing people together and something that has a lot of potential to get better and better. If you are enjoying the mucky vibes, please tell your friends about us. We are consistently getting more listeners for each show now, and a little Muck FM crew is already growing. There is no profit involved, we just want get more people to the party!

Which reminds me, look out for the new range of Muck merchandise that will be coming next year.

 Alot of new friendships have already been made. It’s like clubbing from your own home! Welcome to Club Muck. What’s your name, where you from, what you on?


We did have a couple of technical hitches at the weekend though. The shoutbox was the most obvious. Where it is limited to only 60 shouts per hour in total, it maxed out and no shouts could be posted for twenty or thirty minutes. We have looked into this and our technical supervisor, Exotic Technical Boy, has advised us that an upgrade is possible which will allow unlimited shouts. Hopefully I will have this done before the Christmas shows. Apologies for it dropping out on Saturday, but it’s really because you lot are all mangled and talk too much!


So, it’s Christmas time (must resist temptation to say there’s no need to feel afraid) and one of our favourite pastimes here at Muck FM is pulling crackers. Which reminds me to tell you that Fifi and two of the other dancers from the Camel Toe club turned up last night in their Santa bikinis to give me my special christmas treat. When I saw them I thought ho ho ho! Which they certainly turned out to be…




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