Dr Muck’s Blog 18th Feb 2010

The weekend has landed! I’m presuming you do know that weekends for the Muck FM crew start on Thursday afternoon and end sometime around Tuesday lunchtime. Well, if you go by the alcohol and drugs in their systems, that estimate is actually pretty accurate.

So, I’ve just got in and am sorting out my set for Saturday night- the best night ever on Muck FM. I’m not one to exaggerate, but this truly will be the biggest mash up and musicfest not only in the short history of Muck FM, but the entire world too. I will tell you a secret, but only as long as you promise me that you are hardcore and mucky, and not in any sense a barry, because this is a pretty big revelation.

Yes, it is true. It’s also going to be the biggest mash up and music fest in the history of the entire universe.


Well, you should hear me when I do exaggerate…


I just can’t wait to hear our new DJ, JP who makes his debut on Saturday night. Boy, he’s looked sharp in training, and the gathered papparazzi outside the studio have been drooling over the one they have dubbed “The Knife from Fife”, because his mixing is so sharp and accurate, like a stilletto sunk in from behind by deft assassin, which probes not for the heart, but for the eardrums- and boy does it pierce them!

JP is another product of the Muck Highland Academy, schooling apprentices and turning out highly competent finished products. Just think of Scotland being to Muck FM what Hereford is to the SAS. The name’s JP…. OO-JP. Or should that be Double O Fife?

Our scout up in the Northern Kingdom, Lady Hoppy recommended JP to us, and once again she showed she knows talent when she sees it- you go girl! (shakes head and wags finger)


And everyone here in the studio is anticipating the arrival of  the baby faced assassin himself, MC Check- loved by girls and guys alike (for £30 an hour that is). Yes, another Old Skool Jungle Madness show is imminent!

“Tearing out the rhymes, a product of his time, his chatting is sublime- he should try his hand at grime…. give it up for the bad boy himself… MC Check!”

That piss poor effort at play school MCing was my sorry attempt, in an attempt to big up the bad boy’s arrival, and in no way should those “rhymes” be associated with material written by the boy Check himself- please refer to the standard Muck FM disclaimers, which are in the process of being modified by our legal team to read “We cannot be held responsible for anything said, done, mixed or chatted on da mic”


Anyway, I digress, and it all brings me back to the fact that I am picking out the tunes for the Old Skool Madness show that MC Check will be hosting. It promises to be a fantastic night- so please make sure you tune in, and tell your friends about us- we are desperate to smash our listener records this weekend. We have been hovering deliciously close to the record for a few weeks, and with such an all star line up this weekend we are confident it’s gonna happen! Keep it Mucky y’all and I will see you for the Best Night Ever!



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