Dr Muck’s Blog 14th May 2010

I know what you’re thinking- where has Doctor Muck been in the last few weeks? His blog is noticeably blank and he has been on air about once in the last month.

And I also know what you’re thinking- that I have been absent since my birthday party.

I know that gossip is starting to spread around the bar area and in the club that I have been convalescing in Barry Island.

That I can’t handle the pace anymore.

That I’ve lost my hardcore.

That MC Check is plotting a coup, to storm the studio and change the name of the station to Check FM, with dancing boys in cages, and a sauna area next to the gents toilets.

Well, none of these things are true. Well I don’t know, MC Check may be plotting a coup, but its more likely to be a cooey! than a coup, waving gaily as he arrives at the studio tomorrow night.

You see, I have actually been busy in the last few weeks, on the campaign trail to make sure that all of the Muck constituencies are aware of just what our policies are. I am pleased to report that there was a particularly strong turn out on voting day in the Scottish wards this year. Scotland used to be red, but now it’s mucky brown. That’s not what Gordon’s wife likes to call him late at night by the way.

And what are our policies? Well, you already know that the only thing we take seriously is music, but just in case any newcomers are in doubt of what else we seek, promote and love, I shall remind you of this years’s campaign slogan, dreamt up by the Saatchi and Saatchi PR gurus in London for us. Just like all the best, most successful ads it tells the whole story in just a couple of words.

Mash Up.

I wasn’t in Barry Island you see, I was avin it all round the country, as far afield as Luton and Croydon. In fact, this weekend you are about to find out just how mucky I am, and that everyone at Muck FM is. The weekend promises to be a mucky, messy one with a bulging schedule (that’s not a euphemism) and parties lined up all over the country to coincide with the shows.

MC Check will be with me in the studio tomorrow for our Chuck show (Check and Muck), and the geisha girls have already started the pampering process to ensure they will be looking their best. Mandy was looking particularly beautiful it has to be said. As if that wasn’t enough, ETB is back in the country and will be joining us for the after party, when we’ll be tuned in to the Festival Weather debut show. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better than that, Grim will also here, fresh from his pow wow tonight.

I’m actually drooling while writing this, what a weekend in store! Sometimes the moment of anticipation is actually greater than the moment itself…

Mrs Muck has put the bunting up (that’s not a euphemism either) and the studio is ready for a night of dancing, delights and debauchery. You’re about to find out that Muck FM really does mean mash up.

Oh, and by the way, I’d like to thank Ray Von and Maz for the postcard from Barry Island. I was a little surprised to find out they were there. Maybe these West Country types aren’t as tough as I was led to believe…

If you don’t believe me, here it is:

Ah, it seems they were just visiting to see “the other side”. I knew they were hardcore…

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