Dr Muck’s Barbados Blog 16th July 2010

Friday 16th July

Good old jetlag, it’s actually worked in our favour. We ended up going to bed at 4am English time last night, sleeping for seven hours and waking up at 6am local time just as the sun was rising, with the prospect of a full day on the beach ahead of us. We experienced the promised short, sharp shower that is so common at this time of year here, just as we were about to leave for the beach. The sky clouded over, the heavens opened, and then there was blue sky again, all in the space of five minutes. Me and Mrs Muck are now sprawled on sun loungers within spitting distance of the turquoise waves lapping onto the white sands. Good times.

Our local beach

Last night we ate the tastiest local fish pie at a place down the road. That’s not a euphemism, and for once I’m not disappointed. As many of you know, I’m a connoisseur of fish pie, and this was without a doubt the freshest I’ve ever tasted. Sorry Mrs Muck…


Well, the beach got rained off. The rainy season is kicking in with full effect. We don’t actually mind though, it’s given us a chance to come back home and take tiffin on the verandah. Sandy is currently doing his Sid James impression from Carry On Up The Khyber, and inevitably Handy has jumped at the chance to do his world famous Kenneth Williams impersonation. Dear God, why did I bring those two with me? They’ve been bickering like kids all day, and Sandy’s vein in his temple is starting to resemble Scul’s on one of his rants. Scary.

Thankfully Fifi arrived this afternoon, all orange and vital. She makes footballers’ wives seem positively pale, and if she stands in front of the antique teak furniture in the villa, she blends in like a chameleon. She was a day late, as she’s been “entertaining” one of Uncle Jamal’s rich associates from the Oman. Which coincidentally is  the same thing he said as Fifi entered the boudoir in her belly dancer’s costume…

She made her money over the space of 48 torrid hours, and flew out business class today. More like Risky Business if you ask me. She’s freshening up out the back at the moment, and she has brought a much needed breath of fresh air with her, washing away the atmosphere the twins had created earlier.

Tonight we’re all heading to a place called Oistins, where every Friday they have a huge fish fry, cooking freshly caught fish outside, with singing and dancing on the streets and beaches late into the night. Well, Handy isn’t coming- fish isn’t his thing. He said if anyone wants him, he’ll be at Just Grillin’, the burger joint at the end of the road, where he’s heard they serve the biggest hot dogs in Barbados. He does like his meat that boy…

At least that means a peaceful evening for the rest of us. I’m off to take a siesta before we head out later, so catch you all a bit later!

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