Doctor Muck’s Holiday Blag Sunday 19th June 2011

Sunday 19th June 

The weather is starting to really warm up, and it’s way past thirty degrees today. So I’m content to stay on the terrace again out of the sun, dozing off after the weekend’s festivities.

I was tired last night after Friday’s partying and know that I often struggle to mix well if I’m feeling jaded, so was a little nervous about playing again down at the Palace. It didn’t take long for me to relax though, as all the crew were there and the shots were flowing freely from the moment we arrived. However, that wasn’t down to Aldy this time, who we learned no longer worked there, although he spent part of the night in the club with us. He’s a lovely guy, but I get the impression there’s a lot of sadness hidden under the flamboyant exterior. I hope I’m wrong and I’d like to catch up with him before we go, because he was the first person I spoke to at the Palace, and he made us feel very welcome from the moment we got there. I do hope all the complimentary shots there last week didn’t have anything to do with his departure…

Luis had stoked up the decks by the time we got in the club and greeted us with his usual friendly smile and a wave. Once again I got on really well with him, and a definite friendship is forming. He’s very chilled, funny and a good DJ too, who really knows his stuff. We learned that Carolina, one of the barmaids who we’d got to know as well is in fact his wife, which delighted us because they make a fantastic couple. We’re going to meet up with them before we go, as the girls really hit it off too. It feels good to meet like minded people when you’re so far from home.

I’ve said it before and I won’t apologise for saying it again- God bless house music for bringing people together and being the starting point for an awful lot of friendships I’ve formed in my life. Most of you reading this who know me will have met me through house music in one way or another, which proves my point exactly really. 

So there. 

Or as I like to say- see?! 


Mrs Muck just told me to stop gloating and move on, so I’d better before I get into trouble. She runs a tight ship does Mrs Muck.

So, I played on the decks from one o’ clock till just after two, and despite my fears about being tired thoroughly enjoyed playing once again. I always find a loud system (with a decent monitor speaker) a joy to mix on. For me, everything sounds so crisp and clear at loud volumes and it means I find it far easier to mix than when the music is at lower levels. Maybe it’s because my ears are shot to pieces after years of thumping bassline, but I had a hearing test last year and I’m not going to need an ear trumpet just yet I’m glad to say.

Luis liked what I played last night, and appreciated the fact I’d “done my homework” to get a set together from the CDs I brought with me that was suitable for Lagos. There were a few people in the club last night which was wicked, including a nutty couple from Leeds who danced all through my set- respect to them if they’re reading this!

A great night DJing-wise for me was completed when Ana, the raver with the purple ohm tattoo told me that they’d listened to both of my CDs at an after party last night, and loved them both. I’m so chuffed. I really have no desire to be rich and famous through DJing (although being part of the Muck FM crew means that it’s inevitable of course) -for me it’s about the love of the music, and someone simply telling you they like your tunes/mixing, or avin it on the dancefloor is enough to make my day. Once again it all comes down to the old adage about quality being better than quantity. After all, I DJ to share the music I love, which is my passion in life, and if other people react to it in the same way then an instant connection is bound to be formed and friendships inevitably follow. It’s not hard to see why the acid house scene exploded back around 1989, when you threw ecstasy into this already euphoric mix of music and people. The rest as they say is history- and I’m so proud to have been a part of it, and will be to the day I die. You’d better believe I’ll still be rocking when I’m incontinent, in a zimmer frame and have that ear trumpet firmly in place. Let’s face it, that day probably isn’t that far away…

If I keep gushing on like this much more you’re all going to think I’ve necked some ecstasy myself. It’s because I’m tired you see. Add sun and a couple of litres of sangria to the mix and it’s a well known medical fact that the combination dilates the rambling gland.  Typical symptoms are rambling…. and, well, that’s it really, although the rambling can be extensive and irritating for those around the afflicted person. As you can see.

See? Seeeeeeeee?!!!  

So anyway… in all it was a fantastic night, but as we are going back home on Friday it was our last night at the Palace. The club has been the focal point of our holiday, and we have met a great bunch of people who have made us feel very welcome and helped to make our stay here one to remember. We’ve had such a fantastic time that we’re actually talking about coming back here for a long weekend before the end of the summer if possible. But I think we’ll leave Handy, Sandy et al at home next time though. They’ve been as bad as ever, and pushed our patience and sanity to the limit. 

All we have to do is get through the next five days uneventfully and this can be considered a pretty successful holiday. Surely those boys can’t get into any more mischief this week…?


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