Handy’s Problem Page December 2011

Dear Handy

I am moving into a new house soon and I don’t know what colour sofa to buy. We have wooden floorboards with an open fireplace and red curtains and rugs. I know you have a creative eye so would greatly value your opinion.


Doctor Luck

Handy says:

You’re a cunt. First of all, you’re not exactly a master of disguise Doctor Luck, and if only I cared I’d cry for you every day. I have a creative eye do I? Just because I prefer meat to fish you think I am Gok Wan? Patronising twat. And it’s not my fault if you can’t afford a carpet or central heating. You’re obviously too ugly to hold down a job. And I’d wager that red curtains and rugs is a euphemism for gonnhorrea. You’re obviously a sad loser with a crap house.  

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